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GSTIN Number are mandatory for Udyam Registration from 01.04.2021. You are advised to apply for GSTIN Number immediately and update the same on this website by 31.03.2021, to avoid suspension of Udyam Registration.

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  1. Ease of getting a bank loan under MSME.
  2. Up to 20% Additional Bank Loan Facility (COVID – 19 CREDIT LINE).
  3. Discount up to 50% in Government fees for Trademark Registration.
  4. Easily open Current Account from Bank.
  5. Ease in getting Government Licence.
  6. The benefit of 1% Interest in Bank Loan (Depends on Bank).
  7. Concession in Electricity Bills.
  8. Get government recognition of Business | Increase revenue by registering on various government portals like MSME Mart and GEMs.
  9. Benefits in Industrial Promotion Subsidy.
  10. Special provision on late payment or delay in EMI.


Udyam is an online system for registering micro, small and medium enterprises launched by the Union MSME Ministry on July 1, 2020. The government had also revised the definition of MSMEs from the same date. More than 88 lakh MSMEs have successfully registered themselves to date through the Udyam registration portal.

Any person can avail a free Udyam registration for their enterprise through a fully digital and paperless process based on self-declaration. Udyam registration is a prerequisite for availing the benefits of schemes or programmes of the Ministry of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises such as Credit Guarantee Scheme, public procurement policy, additional edge in Government Tenders and protection against delayed payments etc.

An e-certificate called the “Udyam Registration Certificate” is issued online on completion of the registration process. This certificate has a dynamic QR Code through which the web page of the registration portal and details about the enterprise can be accessed.

Aadhaar, PAN and GST numbers are required for registration. The Udyam portal is seamlessly integrated with Income Tax and GST Identification systems along with the government e-marketplace. The details on investment and turnover are taken automatically from government databases.

The Aadhaar number shall be of the proprietor in the case of a proprietorship firm, of the managing partner in the case of a partnership firm and of a ‘karta’ in the case of a Hindu Undivided Family.

Misrepresents or attempts to suppress the self-declared facts and figures appearing in the Udyam Registration or updation process is liable to penalty under section 27 of the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Development Act, 2006.

No enterprise is allowed to file for more than one Udyam Registration. However, any number of activities including manufacturing or service or both may be specified or added in one registration.

Highlights of Udyam Registration Process are as below:

Union Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) vide it's notification dated 26th June, 2020, informed the members about the new process of registration of enterprises starting from 1st July, 2020 named " Udyam Registration"

  • An enterprise for this purpose will be known as Udyam and its Registration Process will be known as 'Udyam Registration'.
  • MSME's will have to register themselves at www.udyamregistration.gov.in
  • MSME registration process is fully online, paperless and based on self-declaration. No documents or proof are required to be uploaded for registering an MSME;
  • Aadhaar Number will be required for registration;
  • A Registration number will be given after registration;
  • After completion of the process of registration, an Udyam Registration Certificate will be issued;
  • This certificate will have a dynamic QR Code from which the web page on MSME Ministries Portal and details about the enterprise can be accessed;
  • There will be no need for renewal of Registration;
  • PAN & GST linked details on investment and turnover of enterprises will be taken automatically from the respective Government data bases;
  • MSME Ministry's online system will be fully integrated with Income Tax and GSTIN systems;
  • Those who have EM-II or UAM registration or any other registration issued by any authority under the Ministry of MSME, will also have to re-register themselves;Previous MSME registration process-UdhyogAdhaar (UAM) will be valid only till 31st March 2021. All existing MSME's will have to re-register themselves at Udyam Regsitration Portal.
  • No enterprise is supposed to file more than one Udyam Registration. However, any number of activities including manufacturing or service or both may be specified or added in one Registration;
  • Government's Facilitation mechanism in the name of single window systems at Champions Control Rooms and at DICs will help people in this process;
  • Registration Process is totally free. No Costs or Fees are to be paid in this regard.
  • Ministry has clarified that except this portal of Government of India (www.udyamregistration.gov.in) and Government's Single Window Facilitation Systems, no other private online or offline system, service, agency or person is authorized or entitled to do MSME Registration or undertake any activity related with that process.
  • Udyam Registration will be an extremely simple, seamless entrepreneur-friendly process which will reduce transaction time and costs and will set an example in Ease of Doing Business, not only in India but internationally too where Entrepreneurs and Enterprises can focus on their real work and become globally competitive.
  • Facilitation And Grievance Redressal Of Enterprises: The Champions Control Rooms functioning in various institutions and offices of the Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises including the Development Institutes (MSME-DI) shall act as Single Window Systems for facilitating the registration process and further handholding the micro, small and medium enterprises in all possible manner. The District Industries Centres (DICs) will also act as Single Window facilitation Systems in their Districts. MSMEs may visit the below Champions portal with their grievance: https://champions.gov.in/MyMsme/grievance/Register_Grievance.aspx
Schemes Launched by the Government for Udyam Registration
  • Udyog Aadhaar- Once you complete your Udyam registration, your enterprise will get an identification number called the Udyog Aadhaar number. You can use this unique number to apply for government subsidies and get loans with a lower interest rate.
  • Zero Defect Zero Effect- Exporters need to work hard at maintaining the quality of their products to ensure that they are not rejected during shipping. Every time they ship a product without any setbacks, exporters can request a subsidy.
  • Quality Management Standards and Quality Technology Tools- In this awareness and training programme, the government aims to train MSME owners to adopt new technology to enhance their overall output and keep up with their customers’ quality expectations. For this, several renowned institutions, such as the National Productivity Council, Quality Council of India, Consultancy Development Corporation, National Recruitment Board for Personal and Teacher Training, and Standardization Testing and Quality Certification, participate and take the initiative of providing the required training. This scheme has several aspects:
  • Awareness campaign
  • Polytechnic teacher Training 
  • Two days workshop in India’s metro cities
  • Implementation in several selective clusters
  • A national-level workshop held in Delhi
  • Grievance system– This scheme allows MSMEs to raise their complaints and get timely resolution or revert.
  • Incubation- Under this scheme, the government provides up to 80% funding if your idea is selected. It aims to encourage people to come up with innovative business ideas.
  • Credit Linked Capital Subsidies- This scheme attempts to motivate MSMEs regarding the use of modern technologies. Through this, MSMEs can apply for subsidies on technology and can also go for a bank loan.
  • Women Entrepreneurship- Women entrepreneurs who are planning to establish their businesses would be provided with counselling and training. They can also get financial support to help empower their business.


To protect and save environment, government takes initiative in paperless work so no physical copy of MSME or Udyog Aadhar is issued.
MSME stands for Micro small and medium enterprises. They are small sized entities defined in terms of their investment.
The Ministry organises various types of training programme through its various departments for self-employment as well as wage employment. The training programmes are primarily focused to promote self-employment in the country. Thus, all type of programmes has input which provide necessary information and skills to a trainee to enable him to establish his own micro or a small enterprise. For proper implementation of the programme, a web-based system has been developed where coordinator of the programme is bound to feed all details of trainees including his photo and phone no. on the website
No. The Certificate for MSME or Udyog Aadhar is for a single entity irrespective of its multiple plants or branches. Though, the information regarding the multiple branches or plants is required to be furnished in the application form of MSME or Udyog Aadhar Registration.
We accept documents over e-mail and WhatsApp. Don't worry; we have a 100% confidential policy, and once the work is complete, we will delete the records from our system.
Yes. For MSME Registration under the Udyog Aadhar scheme, Aadhar card is a mandatory requirement. In case the applicant for the application of Registration of MSME is some person other than the proprietor, the Aadhar card of the director and the partner will be required for Registration.
Yes, in India an existing and new business both can apply for MSME or Udyog Aadhar Registration. It is necessary that the existing unit should be in functioning and meets the threshold limits for MSME or Udyog Aadhar Registration.
Yes, you can but it's a lengthy process it is better to link Aadhar card with an active mobile number to get MSME registration certificate instantly
MSME Registration is also known as Udyog Aadhaar is a twelve-digit Unique Identification Number provided by the Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises, Government of India for small and medium enterprises. It is also known as Aadhaar for Business. As of July 2018, more than 48 lakh MSMEs are registered under Udyog Aadhaar.
The application will be approved on the basis of the information provided by the applicant.
The Ministry is implementing the ISO: 9001/14001/HACCP Certification Reimbursement Scheme for Micro & Small Enterprises (MSEs) for reimbursement of certification expenses, only to those MSEs which have acquired Quality Management Systems (QMS)/ISO 9001 and /or Environment Management Systems (EMS)/ ISO14001and / or Food Safety Systems (HACCP) Certification. Under the scheme provides reimbursement of 75% of the certification expenses up to a maximum of Rs.75,000/- (Rupees seventy five thousand only) to each unit as one-time reimbursement only to those MSEs which have acquired Quality Management Systems (QMS)/ISO 9001 and /or Environment Management Systems (EMS)/ ISO14001and / or Food Safety Systems (HACCP) Certification.
A composite loan limit of Rs.1crore can be sanctioned by banks to enable the MSME entrepreneurs to avail of their working capital and term loan requirement through Single Window in terms of RBI Master Circular on lending to the MSME sector dated July 1, 2010. All scheduled commercial banks have been advised by our circular RPCD.SME&NFS. BC.No.102/06.04.01/2008-09 on May 4, 2009 that the banks which have sanctioned term loan singly or jointly must also sanction working capital (WC) limit singly (or jointly, in the ratio of term loan) to avoid delay in commencement of commercial production thereby ensuring that there are no cases where term loan has been sanctioned and working capital facilities are yet to be sanctioned. These instructions have been reiterated to schedule commercial banks on March 11, 2010.
There are several reasons of rejection of MSME application like low CIBIL score, unpaid debts, loan defaults, low cash flow, lack of business plan, incomplete documentation, false information, etc.
Yes MSME borrowers get collateral free loans from financial institutions
Government has initiated paperless work, so no physical copy is issued. However, the authority emails the certificate instead.
Udyam Registration is MSME registration to start business under Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MoMSME) approved by Government of India. Whereas MSME/Udyog Aadhaar is a 12-digit Unique Identification Number (UIN) provided by the MoMSME for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs).
MSME Certificate is valid for life until you exceed the turnover criteria as defined in the MSMED Act